The Acknowledgment

I do not say that I am on a journey.
a journey has a beginning and an end.
But grief smothered Time.

I do not say that my son’s life had a purpose,
a purpose implies planning and destiny.
But grief revealed how much I don’t know.

I do not say that I am doing well,
unless I truly feel well.
Grief has taught me to be honest.

I do not pretend that I am childless,
when you share your pride in your children.
Grief lets me be hard on you in order to be kind to me.

I do not linger on all that I have lost,
but neither do I avoid the memories.
Grief has permission to come and go through all the years I have left.

I do not fear what the future holds.
I have crawled through to the other side of sorrow.
And grief held my hand the entire way.



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