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  1. This is the best article on grief for a child that I have EVER read – I hope it is alright to spread it wildly – My son Josh would be 26 now but he died 3 years ago. As a family we have done so much hard work to accept his death including writing, making photos and films, all of this and more. I’ve experienced the ‘so how many children do you have’ dilemma more times than I care to remember and most times I’m grateful when the conversation doesn’t proceed to the one who died – I can’t stand the discomfort this causes – let me say now that I ‘couldn’t’ bare being witness to their fear (ie past tense) but thanks to Ms Acheson I have a new resolution to keep my foot in that door and nuture my grief bone. I’d like to reblog this if I may on http://beyondgoodbye.co.uk/ where you can also find a film SAY THEIR NAME which we made for The Compassionate Friends. best wishes JImmy

    1. Hello Jimmy,
      I am glad I am not alone in this vulnerability. I am honored to hear about your Josh, who would be 26 years old. I try to think about questions that might be acceptable to you, if I were standing beside you now. What did his laugh sound like? What color was his hair? Do your memories of him come and go like mine do?
      I have heard of SAY THEIR NAME, and look forward to seeing it. Please do share my words. I would not put them out there if I did not want them known.
      All my hopes for your continued work with your grief bone.
      Your friend in tears,